30 September 2006

Ubuntu Tricks 101 (Dapper / Edgy)

I feel sometimes that the interface of ubuntu is a bit frustrative, I tend to look for a menu I have used only once for 5-10 minutes. I wish we had 3D IA user super-friendly interfaces instead of these hierachicals seventies menus ...

Set up a 1hout timer to enfore breaks and save yourself from RSI and other disagreements

System / Preferences / Keyboard

This is brillant!

Desactivating the sounds at startup (and other beeeeeeps)

It took me quite a while ...
It is hidden in Menu System / Administration / Login Window, then in the Tab Accessiblity: Sounds

Uncheck the "Login screen ready", that's it!

I wish one day sofware engineers (especially those who design mobile phones) will understand that the beep beep are a source of annoyance for the majority. Moreover, it so ironic, most of us don't know how to desactivate these sounds ...

Configure the applications launch at startup

Menu System - Preference - Sessions then in the right tab "Startup Programs"

Take a snapshot when you can't use the "Print screen"

Sometimes, the print screen does not work, like when you are opening a menu. It's a bit frustrative but fortunately, there is a solution:

Use Gimp:
o take a screenshot with the GIMP, find the following menu option: File —> Acquire —> Screen Shot. You will then be offered some options for the screenshot such as length of delay and whether you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen, or just a window.

Taking a screenshot with the GIMP

Just select the option "the whole screen" and set a 5s delay :-)