13 April 2007

Procrastinating on Ubuntu

Music plays an important role in my life: it makes me very happy ;-) Yesterday, I went out until 4am to listen to Dj set de Will Holland a.k.a Quantic. Good music is like sport or finding a tricky bug after a good night of sleep: a natural flash of pure serotonine. In a world where most people need to get drunk or take drugs (cigaret, skunk, cocaine, ...) to feel good, I am happy to have a clean brain still depending on natural stimulations ....

I have been using ubuntu Edgy on my Toshiba SATELLITE M100-184 since September 2006 - 6 months at the time of this post - and I have to say I am not convinced yet it the best choice I have ver made. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours (including a 20 minutes for updating this blog) to have subversion worked with Netbeans. Today, I have spent 1 hour to have sound on my computer !!! It was working perfectly fine until I ran an automatic update and .... Pchhhhh!

After some intensive googling, I came across a troubleshooting post about my sound card - the HDA Intell & Realtek ALC861 -
The sound came back but it was very low volume!!! Arghh :-((((

Fortunately, someone has had the same problem on Feisty and posted a solution ... Very lucky! I have no clue how these people find these solutions but I am very grateful to them!
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

and append at the end of the file:
options snd-hda-intel model=auto

I am thinking to wait for another 6 months and then make the move to Apple if I am still spending my time procrastinating on configuration issued instead of doing real work!

11 April 2007

Set up subversion for Netbeans on Ubuntu Edgy

The subversion support on Radrails was flawned and I have been loosing a few days before finding out that the subclipse needed to be updated. Now, history is repeating and I am fighting some configuration monsters to get the good looking netbeans subversion support to work!

First issue: The SVN executables are not set by default!

Open the options / Miscellaneous / Subversion and set the /usr/local/bin/ folder as in the following screenshot.

Important, you have to input the svn executable folder, not the executable file. Unfortunately, there is no validation run by netbeans to check if your entry is valid!

A sidenote to Netbeans developpers, this is typically the kind of things which should be automatic, like in RadRails and Eclipse ;-)

Second issue: The subversion version installed on Ubuntu Edgy won't work with netbeans!

Ubuntu Edgy comes with version subversion 1.3, we'll need to upgrade to 1.4.2 manually because the synaptic repository does not contain anything ...
Here is a script inspired by Higepon which should make the whole thing easier, go to a tmp folder, copy & paste into a sh file and don't forget to make it executable with chmod +x install_svn_1.4.2.sh

sudo apt-get -y remove libsvn0
sudo apt-get -y remove subversion
sudo apt-get -y install libneon25 libneon25-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libapr1.0-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libaprutil1.0-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libdb4.2-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libdb4.2
sudo apt-get -y install libsqlite3-0
sudo apt-get -y install libsqlite3-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libldap-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libpq-dev
sudo apt-get -y install libexpat1-dev
wget http://subversion.tigris.org/downloads/subversion-1.4.2.tar.bz2
tar vxf subversion-1.4.2.tar.bz2
cd subversion-1.4.2
./configure --with-ssl
sudo make install

The official NetBeans Subversion Support F.A.Q. is also a good source of informations.

05 April 2007


Premier post en français!

Il y a quelque jours, j'ai décidé de commencer la rédaction d'un mini e-book en français qui devrait s'intituler TGV - Testing à Grande Vitesse - en honneur au nouveau record de vitesse battu par la SNCF le 3 avril 2007.

Etant donné que je n'ai eu aucun contact avec la communauté Rails de France et de Navarre, j'ai pensé faire une petite enquête d'opinion sur ses attentes.

Bon, la tout de suite, c'est un ptit post mais j'ajouterai des zoho surveys!

03 April 2007