13 April 2007

Procrastinating on Ubuntu

Music plays an important role in my life: it makes me very happy ;-) Yesterday, I went out until 4am to listen to Dj set de Will Holland a.k.a Quantic. Good music is like sport or finding a tricky bug after a good night of sleep: a natural flash of pure serotonine. In a world where most people need to get drunk or take drugs (cigaret, skunk, cocaine, ...) to feel good, I am happy to have a clean brain still depending on natural stimulations ....

I have been using ubuntu Edgy on my Toshiba SATELLITE M100-184 since September 2006 - 6 months at the time of this post - and I have to say I am not convinced yet it the best choice I have ver made. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours (including a 20 minutes for updating this blog) to have subversion worked with Netbeans. Today, I have spent 1 hour to have sound on my computer !!! It was working perfectly fine until I ran an automatic update and .... Pchhhhh!

After some intensive googling, I came across a troubleshooting post about my sound card - the HDA Intell & Realtek ALC861 -
The sound came back but it was very low volume!!! Arghh :-((((

Fortunately, someone has had the same problem on Feisty and posted a solution ... Very lucky! I have no clue how these people find these solutions but I am very grateful to them!
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

and append at the end of the file:
options snd-hda-intel model=auto

I am thinking to wait for another 6 months and then make the move to Apple if I am still spending my time procrastinating on configuration issued instead of doing real work!

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