13 February 2007

Unlocking an HTC S620 WIFI phone in 5 minutes / Resisting to telco thanks to voip


In most of european countries, there are 3-5 operators who have agreed to maintain very expensive prices for mobile phone communications and text messaging. This is obviously an unofficially agreement and there will be some kind of justice one day, probably from the European Commission...

But today is a great day, I have unlocked in 5 minutes the HTC S620 I bought on eBay in the US for 220€ using IMEI-Check services (20 pounds). This is still cheaper than the 489€ retail price in Europe! I did not want to buy any Microsoft based device but I was not convinced by what I read about symbian os smart-phones (correct me if I am wrong).

The image “http://en.fon.com/lib/tools/fgf/home_images/en/en_logoFon.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Hopefully, there are a lot of open Wifi networks (still) + the fact the FON network is growing rapidly, I am confident I will be able to use Skype and call for free my relatives abroad, make voip phone calls at the rate of 12 centimes instead of 18 centimes (I am not sure about that, the price system of mobile phone communication was not not made to be readable) (plus the fact they always fucking charge the first minute even if the conversation lasted 1 second), and especially send text messages for 7 centimes instead of 20 centimes with my current pay-as-go contract!!!

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VENKAT said...

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