06 July 2007

Struggling with blogger

I have been struggling for so many hours with the google blogger template system!!! So far, this has been quite a frustrative experience. So I thought I shared the source code of my template so people can benefit the hacks I have found:

On the whole, the xml based template language used by google is a good anti-pattern of a very complex and unreadable view language. The only way to work with this "cr*p" is Trial and errors ... Very frustrating!

Fortunately, there are still independant individuals who innovate in the open source world, check out the genius idead of Yuri Rashkovskii , a 25 years old nice ukranian geek (I have met him in Oslo). I will blog about lilu as soon as I have the chance to play with it.

I wanted to include the code of my template so you could copy-paste it but once again Blogger f*cked up everything (sic) and did not display it properly ...So please download it here !!!

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