04 October 2007

Do not use an IDE to commit with svn your rails frozen gems!

After having lost a couple of hours trying to commit my rails/vendor both with netbeans and subeclipse, I think it's time to come back to old school command line: it's 10 times faster and do no take 100% CPU!!!

  • Go to the vendor folder
  • svn add rails
  • svn commit -m "Added vendor/rails version 1.2.3"


Patrick said...

You can only "come back" to the command line if you started there in the first place. New, fresh developers think otherwise and need a decent interface.

I'm a TortoiseSVN fan myself because its seemless integration with the file explorer does not lock you in with a particular IDE. It's nearly as good as using ClearCase.

And, before anyone complains, ClearCase is only as good as your ClearCase admin and your version control process are. Stop blaming the tools!

Marmotte said...

a bit like TortoiseSVN for the Finder :
SCPlugin (http://scplugin.tigris.org/)

adds contextual menu SVN actions on working copies, in the Finder.