28 March 2008


At last, my first Rails plugin!

  • generates a report of duplicate lines in your code to help you to follow the DRY principle

  • integrates nicely withand

  • integrates with :

# With RSpec
it { rails_application.
should be_DRY }

# With Test::Unit

To start playing:

ruby script/plugin install http://dryplugin.rubyforge.org/svn/vendor/plugins/dont_repeat_yourself/
rake dry:report:html
or rake dry:report:textmate if you're an happy mac user

If you want to contribute, please use the git repository:

The doc:

Your FeedBACK is more than welcome! Post a comment in this blog or contact me

Cool DRY logo by CodeSmack (Please send me the t-shirt guys!)

Based on Simian (Similarity Analyser) by Simon Harris from RedHill Consulting, see http://www.redhillconsulting.com.au/products/simian/
Copyright (c) 2003-08 RedHill Consulting Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved.

1 comment:

Marius Mathiesen said...

Very interesting project! A bit depressing to run it on my current project, but that's the point I suppose...

Since I have a Mac I tried out the textmate formatter. The links (txmt://...) work as expected - they take me to the current line. However, it would probably be more useful if I were able to run the reports from within Textmate - for instance in the form of a Textmate bundle. (Bundles->DRY->display report for [current project|selected files], for instance). I think it would be easier to get started using this if it were possible to run it on a couple of files where I suspect there is duplication.

Have you considered distributing this as a gem instead of a plugin? Any plans of making the source available thru git? That could make it easier to contribute stuff, for instance for a Textmate bundle...