06 October 2008

Back from citcon amsterdam 2008

I am back from the citcon amsterdam 2008 conference and I have to say one word:


I really liked the citcon conference, the people and the organization:
  • it's a free conference, it's on Friday evening and Saturday so the people who show up are really passionate about the subject: Testing and Continuous Integration
  • They got so many sponsors and the venue was great, thanks IBM. However, 2 t-shirts might be a bit too much, I am looking forward to seeing a sustainable approach to goodies left by the sponsors ;-)
  • There so much time (+ beers & tapas) to socialize so you could talk to almost everybody. All the conferences should be like citcon! web 2.0 social networks are a waste of time, you meet the real people face to face !
  • The planning was decided on site with a lot of people proposing some sessions, everybody voting and everybody changing the time slots. This collective intelligence appeared a bit chaotic but the end result is astonishing
  • Special cheers to PJ and Jeff who moderate the conference.
It's a shame they were too many tracks on parallel and you had to make some choices. I am going to add my notes to the wiki of the conference.

I have particpated to 2 sessions:

Later today, I will post another article into my blog to express what I think about organizing the conference in Barcelona !

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