26 March 2009

Giving and Receiving

Mxxxxx has left a new comment on your post "xyz":

totally useless. If i wanted to read this i would have read the txt file that came with the download.

This is the nice comment I just received about a post in my blog.

Blogging is giving free content to the world, without expecting anything in return ...
If this person was to meet me in person, would (s)he dare telling me the same thing???

At the end of day, you should never, ever write aggressive text in sms, email, forum, twitter, blog, etc ... Most of the time, if not always, you end up regretting your acts and only create negative energy.

We live in a society which is always connected, maybe it's time to write less emails, send less texts, spend less time on the internet and behave like a nice person in the Real World. Lots of positive energy shalt be the outcome.

Peace & Love :-)

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