03 September 2007

Cheap Rails hosting

I pay about 10$ / month for the hosting of my apps at site5
So far, I haven't had any major problem but I wonder if it's not time to move to a more powerful configuration with a more qualified support.

I am not saying site5 support is not competent but they are a bit slow. Most of the time, there are different people who reply to my questions. I suspect they only have a few rails experts and a lot of people in their support with no specific specialization...

Moreover, they are still using ruby 1.8.4, rubygems 0.9.2 and rails 1.1.6, more than 6 months after the release of Rails 1.2.3!!!

When asking about moving to mongrel instead of the quite unstable fcgi, they reply they have not planned it ...

Any host to recommand apart from Railsmachine?

I am going to try the startup at primetime, a norwegian company whose engineers are top-notch gurus in linux and Rails.

It happens they are also friends of mine from Oslo ;-)


Raul Murciano said...

I'm truly happy with Slicehost :)

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Rails Hosting Info for a comparison and reviews of many more Rails hosting companies. BTW reviews are always welcome.

ashleywnj said...

I recently subscribed to site5 and wish that I did not, on the surface it appears to be a great deal ... but I have spent the better part of 3 days trying to use Capistrano to deploy a very simple RoR site ... some of the new offerings (I think they are new) from Amazon are intriguing.