21 January 2008

Connect a network Samsung printer connected to an airport router

1. Find the printer IP

avahi-browse --all --resolve

The output will be something like:

= eth1 IPv4 Samsung ML-2010 PDL Printer local
hostname = [Linqia.local]
address = []
port = [9100]
txt = ["ty=Samsung ML-2010" "usb_STATUS=BUSY" "usb_CLS=PRINTER" "usb_MDL=ML-2010" "usb_CMD=GDI" "usb_MFG=Samsung" "priority=5" "pdl=U" "product=(Samsung ML-2010)" "note=Linqia" "qtotal=1" "txtvers=1"]

2. Add the printer using the "Administration Printing" GUI.
Select a APPSocket / HP Jet Direct and enter the ip address in the hostname field.

3. Footomatik should already have the driver for your printer, you just have to select the model
In my case: Samsung ML-2010

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The avahi stuff didn't work for me (even though it *told* me I needed to install avahi!?).
However, pressing the demo button on my Samsung ML-1451N for six seconds prints a status page which gives the IP address of the printer. HTTPing to that address (after changing to the right subnet) allowed the IP address to be changed to the my subnet using the inbuilt web based management.
Now using the Add Printer option and typing in this IP address:9100, along with the closest driver "Samsung ML-1450 Foomatic/pxlmono (recommended)" resulted in a working printer! Yah!

Many thanks for the AppSocket pointer!
You rock!