28 June 2007

Upgrading to Ubuntu Feisty

At last, I upgraded to the latest stable version of Ubuntu last week. So far, I am very pleased: my firefox, amarok, openoffice and netbeans were very unstable and now everything seems to worl like a charm! The network manager is also very cool: 30s to connecto to a WPA2 network!

However, the 3D and funky effects (Berryl window manager) don't work perfectly so I had to uninstall them (I can live without!).

Apart from the fact I could not find a good software for screencasting, I am very happy with Ubuntu even if I'll probably buy a mac in 2008 anyway

Well done Ubuntu!

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Raul Murciano said...

Hey Jean-Michel! Have you tried xvidcap for screencasting?

BTW, I predicted that Rafa and you will get a Mac this year, hehe... ;)